Welcome To Niagara Specialty Metals

Niagara Specialty Metals is a manufacturer of tool steels, high speed steels, martensitic stainless steels and controlled expansion alloys. We also provide conversion processing for Titanium, temperature and corrosion resistant metals, electronic alloys and other super alloys. We are a unique specialty steel manufacturer unlike any other in North America. Our extensive equipment and flexible manufacturing processes enable us to accept orders from 1 lb to 10,000 lbs. Each order is processed to the exact requirements of our customer. If your requirements involve the manufacturing of parts from flat steel, in any form and in any quantity, Niagara Specialty Metals is your source for unmatched reliability.
Start to Finish

To make the first step in your process as easy as possible,  finished products are precision flattened. We can also remove scale, or machine the surface to minimize thickness variations and eliminate surface defects.

Custom Made

Our cutting capabilities are extensive. We have a 3kW CNC laser to cut sheets up to .300 inches thick and two abrasive water jets that will cut basically any material up to 4" thick.

Employee Owned

Niagara Specialty Metals is employee-owned, so each person in our staff gives your order special treatment, from start to finish. Everyone here has a stake in doing our best to serve you.