Knife Steels

440-C, D-2 154-CM, CPM M-4, CPM 3-V, CPM 4-V™, CPM 15-V, CPM S30-V, CPM S35-VN, CPM, S90-V, CPM-154, A-2, O-1, L-6

We offer several grades of steel for the knife industry in sheet, plate or cut to size pieces. Our conventionally melted steels include 416, 440-C, D-2 and 154-CM. All four grades have been used for making quality knives for many years.

We also carry the full line of CPM steels. The CPM process offers distinct advantages over conventionally melted steels. Alloy segregation is minimized and the process produces a very fine microstructure. Cutting applications where edge toughness is required is improved greatly by the CPM process because of the elimination of large carbides. You can also use a much higher alloy content in CPM steels which improves the toughness and or wear resistance the knife. CPM steels make blade fabrication easier for the knife maker because of consistent heat treat response, predictable size change after heat treating and excellent grindablility. The most popular CPM grades are CPM S30-V and CPM S35-VN. CPM S35-VN which is a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer the best combination of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a variation of the popular CPM S30-V with a chemistry that makes it easier to grind and tougher overall. Some of the vanadium carbides are replaced with niobium carbides which results in an alloy that is 15 to 20 percent tougher than CPM S30-V without a significant drop in wear resistance.

The newest offering in knife steel is CPM 4V™ which is a powder tool steel designed as an upgrade for CPM 3V for the blanking and advanced high strength steel applications. Crucible's primary goal was to design an alloy with high impact toughness and more wear resistance than currently available with CPM 3V. Knifemakers have often regarded CPM 3V as a great heavy duty knife material and CPM 4V™ will be an improvement for those who need more wear resistance. We will have material available for sale by late April 2012.

We have received our CPM S110-V billet and we will start manufacturing sheet as soon as possible.

This martensitic stainless steel is very wear resistant, corrosion resistant and difficult to work with. You should be an experienced knife maker with access to proper machining and heat treating equipment. It will be available from our stock in limited sizes and quantities by early March.

We stock several sizes and grades for quick deliveries. Please look at our price list to see our stock and availability.

Chemical requirements, Percent (Maximum unless otherwise noted)

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr V W Mo Ni
416 .12 - - .3 - 12.0/14.0 - - - -
440-C .95/1.20 .40/1.00 .04Max .03Max .30/1.00 16.0/18.0 - - .40/.75 -
D-2 1.40/1.60 .20/.60 .03Max .03Max .10/.60 11.0/13.0 .50/1.10 - .70/1.20 -

The exact chemistry of the following grades is proprietary information of Crucible Industries LLC. Only the nominal content is given.

Grade C Mn P S Si Cr V W Mo Ni
154-CM 1.05 .50 .03Max .03Max .80 13.50 .40Max .40Max 4.00 -
CPM D-2 1.50 .40 .03Max .03Max .40 12.0 .80 - .95 -
CPM 154 1.05 .50 .03Max .03Max .80 13.50 .40Max .40Max 4.00 -
CPM 3-V .80 .40 .03Max .03Max .90 7.50 3.00 .40Max 1.45 -
CPM 4-VTM 1.35 .40 - - .80 5.0 3.85 - 2.95 -
CPM 15-V 3.55 .50 .03Max .03Max .90 5.25 14.90 .40Max 1.30 -
CPM S30-V 1.46 .50 .03Max .03Max .50 14.00 4.00 .40Max 2.00 -
CPM S35-VN 1.34 .50 .03Max .03Max .50 14.00 3.00 .40Max 2.00+.50Nb -
CPM S90-V 2.30 .50 .03Max .03Max .50 14.00 8.75 .40Max 1.00 -
CPM S110-V 2.9 .40 .03Max .03Max .40 15.25 9.00 .40Max 2.25+Co+Nb -
CPM M-4 1.40 .30 .03Max .06Max .55 4.00 4.00 5.60 5.20 -
A-2 .95/1.05 1.00 .03Max .03Max .15/.50 4.75/5.50 .15/.50 - .90/1.40 -
L-6 .70 .60 - .003Max .25 .70 - - - 1.40
O-1 .94 1.20 - .003Max .50 - .50 - 1.35 -

CPM, 3V, S30-V, CPM 154, 154-CM, 15V, S90V and S110-V are registered trademarks of Crucible Industries LLC



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