We are excited to introduce the newest CPM alloy to our line of cutlery steels. CPM MagnaCut was designed by Larrin Thomas and melted by Crucible Industries. CPM MagnaCut is a unique powder metallurgy stainless tool steel with a design which eliminates chromium carbide in the heat-treated microstructure. An excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance is achieved by having only small, high hardness vanadium and niobium carbides, giving CPM MagnaCut properties similar to non-stainless steel CPM 4V. Being free from chromium carbide also leads to improved corrosion resistance. This product offers an excellent combination of properties for knives. 

A small initial heat was manufactured and turned into sheet for testing purposes. There is a limited quantity left over to sell to the general public starting April 1st. Pricing will be posted in our on-line store on the 1st. (This is not an April Fools prank.) Once it is gone, we won’t be able to accept orders until we replenish our stock in July. We appreciate your patience and support while we ramp up inventory with Crucible.


Watch our extensive equipment and flexible manufacturing processes in action.

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