Special Purpose Tool Steel

A-7 Modified, Cru-Wear, H-13, L-6, O-1,

We stock specialty alloys as well as some tried and true tool steels. Each has unique properties that make them make them the steel of choice in several applications.

A-7 Modified is a chrome modified version of A-7. It is extremely wear resistant which makes it ideal for brick mold, sand slingers, shotblast liners and extrusion tool applications. The high vanadium content results in several large hard carbides that aid in resistance to surface abrasion. It is not well suited for slitting or cutting applications because of the large carbides.

Cru-Wear is a cold work air-hardening tool steel that is heat treatable to 60-65 HRc. It has a good combination of toughness and wear resistance and can be considered an upgrade to D-2. Typical application include industrial knives and slitters, thread rolling dies, wear parts, shear blades, and blanking dies.

H-13 is classified as a medium chrome hot-work tool steel. It contains more vanadium than most H series tool steels, which gives it better wear resistance. H-13 is a deep hardening alloy that can be cooled in air after heat treating. It has excellent strength and resistance to thermal fatigue, which make it ideal for extruding aluminum and magnesium. H-13 excels in cold work applications also because of its hardenability, and wear resistance. Other applications include hot shear blades, forging dies and mandrels.

L-6 is a low-alloy special purpose steel that contains small amounts of chromium, molybdenum and nickel. It is a versatile alloy that is characterized by increased toughness compared to other oil hardening grades. L-6 is commonly used in punches, dies and cold forming tools.

O-1 is a general-purpose tool steel that is quenched in oil after hardening. O-1 has high resistance to wear at normal temperatures because of the high carbon content. Typical applications for O-1 include dies and punches used in trimming, drawing, blanking and forming.

Cru-Wear is a registered trademark of Crucible Industries LLC.

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