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We sell a wide variety of tool steels in sheet, plate and cut to size pieces.

The A-series tool steels are characterized by their high hardenability, toughness, and dimensional stability in heat treatment. They can all be hardened by air cooling and are suited for cold work applications.

All D series steels are resistant to softening at elevated temperatures. These steels also exhibit excellent wear resistance, especially D7, due to its high carbon and vanadium content. D series tool steels all contain 1.5 to 2.35 percent carbon and about 12 percent chromium which contributes to the hardenability of these alloys. Typical applications for this class of steel are shear blades, brick molds, and slitter knives.

All S series steels are characterized by their toughness and resistance to shock. The principle alloying elements in S series steels are manganese, silicon, chromium, tungsten, and molybdenum. Common applications for this group of steels include chisels, punches, and blades for fin tubing.

Miscellaneous grades include H13, L6, and O1 tool steels.

We carry several CPM (Crucible Powder Metallurgy) grades which offer superior performance over wrought products. Alloy segregation is minimized, and the process produces a very fine microstructure. Cutting applications where edge toughness is required is improved greatly by the CPM process because of the elimination of large carbides. Please see our data sheet page for more details on the grades we carry and the related properties.

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